International Human resource

When expanding globally, employing in different countries can be a difficult task. Considering the fact that your company’s in-house experts have the relevant knowledge and expertise in regulations in just one jurisdiction, you may be confused about how to expand internationally.

It can also be challenging to internally organize the management of multiple contacts in each jurisdiction where you expand and get your in-house staff to understand new laws and requirements. This can cost your company much more than you had anticipated!

Companies that are expanding and need to employ in different jurisdictions tend to spend too much time learning about the new employment laws, choosing the wrong local service providers, and researching the possible processes to determine which one suits them best in terms of cost and efficiency.

CompyCo makes the process easier for you by collecting HR experts in every jurisdiction in the world. Our experienced team advises you on the best approach to take for your specific case and how to achieve business success through the right practices.

How Can CompyCo Help?

CompyCo sets up one point of contact for all your needs in any jurisdiction you’re expanding in. With the help of our local associates, you’ll get the guidance you need from our trained advisors who have experience with managing multiple jurisdictions on a daily basis.

We connect you with some of the best experts in the country to deal with your unique case. You’ll always have access to lawyers, accountants, and HR & payroll experts who’ll help you with any queries you may have. All of this will be through one point of contact for your convenience.

Depending on your business’s goals, CompyCo will advise you on the strategic approach and requirements that will provide you the most returns.

With an international vantage point, CompyCo’s experts will be able to determine quick solutions across borders that will cater to your needs every step of the way. You can’t expect this personalized, tailor-made service from local service providers!

Having CompyCo as our partner can shape your company’s future in a more efficient, time-saving, and cost-efficient way.

By managing all aspects of the expansion process for you, we oversee company registration, non-resident employer registration, employment contracts, and payrolls to predict challenges and provide solutions before they even occur!

HR & Payroll Services

Our HR team comprises of seasoned global professionals who can offer your business the ongoing and necessary support it needs to expand or retract from any jurisdiction in the world.

For small and mid-sized businesses with little to no-inhouse HR or compliance expertise, we can offer tailor-made solutions to address your needs. We work with you in a number of ways, including becoming your outsourced HR department, working on an on-call or as-needed basis, or on a project basis to support your expansion project. We can also become an extension of your current staff to assist with any HR-related projects or tasks.

Our services cover the full spectrum of global Human Resources functions, encompassing the entire employee life cycle.

CompyCo’s Compliance With Global People Strategist

Global People Strategist (GPS) offers various custom-built tools on a unified platform to help navigate complex international compliance issues easily.

Whether you’re looking to hire staff, or terminate employment in some country, GPS is the web-based compliance software that can give you practical guidance, all related regulations updated in a real time and support tools for any of the country across the globe.

You will be updated with all the regulations related to HR and provided with the drafts of agreements, for instance, employment agreements, in any country of your interest. This will not only give you an overview of the laws related to HR, but also a full understanding of the requirements related to HR and payroll in certain jurisdictions. In case you plan to opt for in-house payroll services or need a deeper understanding of how CompyCo’s payroll expert works, this tool will be of value to you!

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