Your International Corporate Management Partner

Who Are Our Clients?

CompyCo works with companies of all sizes and start-ups that are expanding into other markets.

We’re committed to becoming the leading partner for companies as they embark on new business ventures all over the world.

At CompyCo, we’re a team of experts who offer a full range of corporate services and international business advisory. We closely work with a wide network of reliable partners and associates from all over the world meet your specific business needs.

Rest assured knowing that we work with only the best in the business—making sure our clients receive the best solutions and simplified processes along the way!

Setting up a business is no easy feat, that’s why our goal is to make sure our clients are led through the process in the easiest possible way.

We work tirelessly to resolve all the issues in the background and deal with the bureaucracy on your behalf—we’ll only involve you when your signature is needed or when we’re updating you of the latest developments!

Our goal is simple: we make sure you have time to focus on your core business as you expand globally. We’ll cover the corporate side of your business.

Aiding us along the way is our international network of professionals from various business areas—we work with accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, HR professionals, and other corporate experts.

We ensure every partner in our extensive network is vetted, and selected on the basis of strict criteria. We only work with professionals who have licenses in that area and have over 10 years of experience in the field. This allows us to consistently offer highly accurate, reliable, prompt, and dedicated services to our clients!

CompyCo’s range of professional corporate services are offered under one roof, giving you one point of contact to meet all your business’s needs in a country that may be unknown to you.

Driven by your success and our core values, get the CompyCo advantage by working with us.

  • We offer cost-effective solutions and competitive prices to our clients
  • We value your confidentiality—all business details, ideas, projects, finances, and past/future business steps are protected by us. Only information that is required by the law is provided to the authorities and professionals
  • We offer turnkey international corporate business solutions that you request
  • We work with reliable partners who’ll add value to your projects
  • Our solutions are unique and innovative
  • We offer diligent, prompt services
  • Once we finish your registration, we’ll stay with you along the way by providing business solutions whenever you need them

Our Process

We want to save your time, money, and effort by making sure you’re happy with the services we provide. That’s why we rely on successful processes and strategies that have been proven to work over the years. Rest assured that you and your business are safe with CompyCo!
  1. Free initial consultation to gain insight into your specific situation and goals.
  2. When we’ve advised you on the steps that are needed to achieve your goals, we’ll present a detailed offer with the requirements, fees, timeline, and processes.
  3. Once the payment process is complete, we’ll lead you through the process and offer support—via phone and email—every step of the way.
  1. Every step in the process is well-organized to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience. We deliver instructions for each step in advance, via email and are available to explain more over the phone.
  2. If travel is a must in your case so you can sign the documents or meet with the banker, we’ll arrange transport from the airport to your first destination and set up all the necessary meetings for you.
  3. Our exceptional, premium services will ensure that your business is compliant with the country’s regulations after it has been set up too!

Core Values

We can provide a wide range of services around the globe, guided by our core values every step of the way.

Problem Solving