Company Registration

Setting up a company in another country can quickly become very complicated to handle. With various restrictions, registrations, and rules, it can get difficult to handle on your own.

CompyCo offers turnkey solutions to make the company formation process easier. We’re a full-service company that caters to all your business needs as you register your business in another jurisdiction. Our wide range of services is developed after years of experience and a network of experts all over the world, ensuring you get top notch solutions every step of the way!

Banking Solutions

Setting up your business outside your jurisdiction starts by opening a bank account in that country. CompyCo’s experts simplify the process for you by providing expert advice, analysis, and solutions along the journey.

Leverage our extensive network of contacts in banks and financial institutions across the world to open your bank account in any country. When you work with CompyCo, you can expect exceptionally accurate, fast, and hassle-free service.

Tax Registration

Every country has a unique set of tax-related regulations that you must comply with. Working with our experts ensures you’re in the hands of experienced professionals who have knowledge of the country’s tax laws.

New companies generally have to register with tax authorities. However, in some cases a foreign company can register with tax authorities to fulfil local requirements and be able to conduct some business activity.

VAT registration also varies depending on the type of business activity you’re conducting. Selling products or services and surpassing the VAT threshold may make you liable for local VAT registration in the country of operation. An expert from our team can help you out with these complications.

Business Advising

Setting up a new business, especially when you’re entering a new country, is no easy feat. Whether you own a start-up or existing business venturing into a new market, make sure you get off on the right foot.

Our international experts familiarize you with the market’s unique rules and regulations to ensure you’re geared for success.

With our expert business advice, you won’t lose time and money figuring out the new market. CompyCo offers expertise and a vast network of professionals from around the world who’ll offer custom solutions tailored to your needs.


When you enter a new market, it’s essential to find a reliable, knowledgeable, and professional accountant who can assist you. Whoever you entrust with your business’s accounts, could either save or cost you a considerable amount of time and money in the long run.

CompyCo’s accountants are experienced, fluent in English, and meet the highest standards of service. We have accountants in each jurisdiction who are well-versed in that area’s accounting rules.

We’ve done our due diligence to ensure each accountant in our team will make the process hassle-free for you!

HR & Payroll

Just because you’re setting up your business in a country outside your jurisdiction doesn’t mean you should give up all control of your employees. With CompyCo’s HR & Payroll services, you can retain control over salaries, employees, business costs, and employment agreements.

We offer effective solutions to cater to your staffing needs without the need for any middlemen or outsourced HR experts. With permits in all segments of HR around the world, we know how to serve your company’s needs.

In countries that allow recruiting directly as a foreign company, we’ll set up the hiring process to suit your business’s specific needs.

Nominee Services

Appointing a nominee director lets you have someone in the organization who has the authority to act on behalf of the directors when they aren’t present.

Among the various roles of nominee directors are being able to open your company’s bank account without the director visiting the country, handling remote operations on behalf of the company director, make sure the company is following the ethical guidelines since they’ll be liable for any illegal activity, overview all business activities, and act as a representative for the actual shareholders.

CompyCo connects you with licensed, qualified agents who’ll safeguard the reputation of the company and its shareholders. The nominee directors we choose are lawyers or formation agents.


Depending on your business’s goals, we connect you with qualified local representatives that are necessary for certain business obligations in some jurisdictions.

Whether it’s a mandatory requirement or an addition to your business, we offer a list of representatives in banks, authorities, tax advisors, accountants, lawyers, and local company representation. Our experienced team of representatives has worked with us for a long time and can be trusted with your business’s operations.

CompyCo takes care of your obligations and ensures you’re on track with your various corporate deadlines.

Company Secretary

Corporate company secretaries are responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulatory and statutory requirements. Businesses setting up outside their jurisdiction are highly recommended to opt for local company secretary services, so they don’t have to worry about this corporate part of their company.

CompyCo will remind you when you need to fulfill company secretary obligations and will provide all the drafts that are needed to fill the role.

Some countries make it mandatory to have local company secretary, while others give you the choice to opt for one if it’ll make your work easier. Every jurisdiction has its own set of regulations regarding company secretaries and we can guide you on the best way to go about it!


The right licensing and paperwork are essential for your business’s success in any country. We have a close network of experienced lawyers in every country, making it easy for us to provide for your business activity’s unique requirements.

Each country has its own set of requirements. Some may require licensing for your business, while others don’t have the same conditions for the same activity. CompyCo will advise you accordingly depending on the country you want to register your business in.