Middle East

For anyone looking to venture outside their jurisdiction in the hope of setting up a profitable company, Middle East offers amazing opportunities. The region is home to a large, affluent market with an ever-growing demand for luxurious products and services.

International businesses have been flocking to the Middle East in the past couple of years, making it one of the largest growing markets in the world. As economic activity continues to thrive in the region, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the booming Middle Eastern countries by setting up your business there.

Favorable regulations, a vast market, and business-friendly policies make the Middle East an attractive location for international businesses. However, with each country following its own set financial systems and regulations, heading into the market without the support of experienced professionals can quickly become a nightmare.

CompyCo offers unique, custom solutions to all the problems you may encounter as you prefer to set up your company. From registration paperwork to opening your bank account, we oversee every step of your journey to setting up a successful business.

Take advantage of our vast network of experts in each Middle Eastern country and experience with the various markets in the region. Find out more about our full-service solutions or request a quote by contacting us.

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Our Middle Eastern Countries

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Saudi Arabia