Where can CompyCo register a company and open a bank account remotely?

CompyCo is always working on the simplicity and transparency of the processes.

We will focus in this blog on providing remote solutions for company registration and bank account opening worldwide.

If you are considering company registration remotely, you should acknowledge that it is possible to do so in the countries where the payment of the share capital is not mandatory prior to the company formation. In order to pay the share capital and obtain the confirmation for that, you have to open a so-called inactive bank account. Due to the bank account opening requirement, all high street banks will ask for at least one director to be identified in person in that bank. After the bank approves this account opening – you pay the share capital – obtain the confirmation, we can register a company. Once the company has been formed and the bank receives a Certificate of incorporation, your business bank account will be ready for use with the share capital as operational funds of the company.

In some countries, we have the possibility to open a so-called inactive bank account with an online bank remotely for the purpose of payment of the share capital.  After the company has been formed, we deliver a Company certificate to the online bank and they activate your company bank account. At this point, you will be allowed to use the share capital for the company operational purposes, and of course, your company will be formed.

There are also options where we can register a company and share capital can be paid after that step, such as Ireland and France.

Finally, there are countries where we can register a company and provide a high street bank account remotely with Nominee director. Not all the countries allow Nominee directors, and not all the banks are opened to take Nominee director on an interview for business bank account opening, but where ever that’s possible, CompyCo has it in the offer, ready to proceed fast and lead you through the process while providing all the services needed.

The online banks that CompyCo advises clients to proceed with are all licensed financial institutions in the country where they provide IBAN from. Also, we are checking their reputation and easiness of work with them before advising clients on this.

Countries, where CompyCo can register a company remotely for EU residents in the structure or/and if we are registering a subsidiary where the mother company is based in another EU jurisdiction, are following (residents of all other countries should contact CompyCo for further advising):




Czech Republic
















Other countries where the remote company registration can be done.

USA – we can register your company online, obtain EIN number, and open the bank account for you in any US state. All remotely.

Hong Kong




New Zealand

South Africa

All of the offshore jurisdictions.

For residents of all other countries out  of the EU, please talk to our advisors about remote options.