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Romania – who can benefit from the lowest corporate tax in the EU?

Though the average corporate tax rate in the European Union is expected to reach 21.3% in 2020, there are many countries where global investors planning to set up a company in Europe can enjoy significantly lower corporate tax.

For instance:

  • Malta offers a 6/7 refund scheme where shareholders are entitled to a refund of 6/7 of the total tax paid, upon receipt of a dividend from their Malta Company.
  • Hungary, Bulgaria, and Ireland offer a low corporate tax of 9%, 10%, and 12.5% respectively.

Among these lucrative options, you might miss the real gem in the EU – Romania. In 2019, Romania was named among the top performers in the EU with a GDP growth of 4.11%.

Therefore, if you are also thinking of setting up a business in Europe, Romania can be the perfect business destination for you.

Micro-company formation in Romania to Benefit from Low Tax Rate

While the standard corporate tax in Romania is 16%, Romania’s Microenterprise Scheme provides tax benefits to SMEs with a turnover of less than 1,000,000 EUR in the previous year.

According to the scheme, such companies are required to pay only 3% corporate tax based on net sales, and when the company employs at least one Romanian citizen as a full-time employee, the tax is further reduced to 1%.

The important thing to note here is that the 1% rate applies to net sales. Thus, in some cases, it is more profitable to pay a higher net profit-based rate than a lower revenue-based rate. For instance, if a company earns 120,000 EUR and spends 115,000 EUR on salaries and other expenses, then it is much cheaper to pay 16% from the net profits (800 EUR) than 1% from the total turnover (1,200 EUR).

In case your business turnover exceeds the threshold of 1,000,000 EUR, the corporate tax rate will automatically raise to the 16% rate in the same quarter.

Apart from this, there are other ways to make the most of your company in Romania.

When another EU or Swiss company holds a minimum of 10% of the company’s shares, dividends can be easily distributed at the corporate level tax-free, according to the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive.

What You Must Know before Setting up a Business in Romania

In order to set up a business in Romania, your company needs to have real substance value, including employees and/or physical office. You cannot open a Romanian company just to shell out money and avoid taxes. If there is a holding, its input to the company’s turnover should justify the revenue part attributed to the Romanian company.

To put it all in a few words, we would say in the end that the Microenterprise Scheme and talented low-cost labor makes Romania one of the best business destinations in the European world for business setup.

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