Setting up a New Company in Germany

Is Investing or Setting up a New Company in Germany a Profitable Choice?

Germany has been a stable ecosystem for global entrepreneurs and investors for quite a few years. While small businesses around the world have been hit the hardest during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Germany is already recovering from the economic loss by introducing new accelerators and new venture capital firms to support startups and emerging companies.

Germany is a powerhouse for millennials with new ideas and business plans. Thus, if you want to set up a company in Germany but looking for more reasons to be sure about it, you have reached the right place. In this post, we will discuss why Germany is a profitable business destination for entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors coming from across the world.

  • A Cluster of Digital Hubs – In Germany, there are many small digital hubs right from Future Industries-focused Stuttgart to Logistics-based Hamburg and each of them is specialized in a different area based on its local resources, talent, and industry leaders. Berlin and Munich are successful business incubators for startup activities; however, they could be expensive for many with low budgets. Based on your industry, you can also make money in smaller cities such as Leipzig or Dortmund that offer economical solutions for starting a new business with access to specialized talent and research institutes and lower accommodation rents
  • Strong, Dynamic, and Stable Economy – Another factor that concerns foreign investors and entrepreneurs is to enter a market that is least affected by economic and political issues. Germany with its significant spending power and strategic locations in the heart of Europe is the ultimate business destination for startup owners and investors. Being the European leading economy, it provides a dynamic environment with access to science and research and talented professionals. German is acclaimed for having well-connected transportation and modern telecommunication network as well.
  • Protect What is Yours – Your Unique Ideas – The legislation of Germany is designed to protect your ideas from being stolen and this assurance is desired by any entrepreneur who comes up with a unique idea. Everything right from your inventions and concepts to company logos will be protected as there are copyright, patent law, and trademark law to safeguard them. Besides, competition law provides protection that your competitors cannot make false claims to attract customers towards them.
  • Professional Support Throughout Your Business Setup Journey – To set up a company in Germany, you don’t have to do everything yourself as there are professionals and business setup consultants who can help you and provide comprehensive advice on finding the best approach for your business and where you can obtain funding. Right from helping with registration to visa processing and beyond, CompyCo will assist you to establish your company in Germany. We will also help you learn about different Government support programs for funding. Besides, all German states have professional information centers for entrepreneurs. 
  • High-Quality Living and Diverse Culture – Diversity gives rise to many opportunities that allow immigrants and millennials across the world to introduce unique concepts and build networks. It allows you to create your business ideas based on not only German nationals but also immigrants living there. This will widen the business scope and market for you. Apart from this, the country offers a high quality of life. Moreover, culture, diversity, and friendliness of people make it easier for business owners from different parts of the world to live and run business in Germany.

CompyCo is committed to assist all those entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners who want to set up a company in Germany or anywhere in Europe. We will help you at every stage right from consultation to company registration to hiring employees.

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